Rollcage Medic is a site for doctors, nurses, paramedics and other rescue professionals who provide services for motor sport events. Its aims are to promote networking, share experience and enhance the practice of medicine and rescue at motorsport events.

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09/06/2014; 14:45: There was a video of a fairly spectacular crash at the Super GT Autopolis event on You Tube recently. How would you have handled the medical response? Read on here ...


24/05/2014; 14:00: Gary Hartstein has been blogging and a recent series of posts have been taking readers through the medical response to a racing incident. Read more here ...


21/05/2014; 12:20: The the dominant days of the semi-rigid cervical spine collar for trauma patients coming to an end? What are the implications for motorsport medicine and rescue practice? Find out here ...


02/04/2014; 18:00: Concussion can be tricky to diagnose and even harder is the determination of the safe return to competition. Can blood biomarkers help us out. Read about the latest JAMA: Neurology article here...


26/03/2014; 21:00: Ever wondered about the difference between road racing and circuit racing or whether motorsport medical practice is roughly similar in Australia and Ireland? Well, even so, this latest podcast was recorded at smaccGOLD and that alone makes it worth listening to. Check it out here...


25/03/2014; 20:41: The Formula One season opener was held in Melbourne's Albert Park a week ago. With new technical and regulation developments, what are the implications for medical and rescue teams for 2014? Find out here ...

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